Transport Canada is responsible for transportation policies and programs and promotes safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible transportation in Canada. Transport Canada reports to Parliament and Canadians through the minister of Transport and works with its portfolio partners, other government departments and jurisdictions, and industry to ensure that all parts of Canada's transportation system work well.

Transport Canada also plays an important role in supporting transportation innovation across all modes, including through the work of the Innovation Centre, a transportation innovation research, development and deployment (RD&D) organization that supports emerging transportation technologies to help ensure Canadians can benefit from a safe, secure, clean, and integrated transportation system. To prepare for these new and emerging technologies, we are:

  • Transforming our state-of-the-art Motor Vehicle Test Centre in Blainville, Quebec
  • Partnering with government, industry and academia in new ways
  • Helping to advance emerging transportation technologies through RD&D
  • Building on federal innovation funding programs